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Brand Ambassadorship: From CEO To Cleaner

A Brand Ambassador is a person who is hired by an organisation or company to represent a brand in a positive light and by doing so help to increase brand awareness and sales

Imagine 10 or 15 percent of your employees tweeting daily about your brand and its effectiveness? Imagine another 15 percent writing stories on their Facebook timeline or LinkedIn on a new product recently released? Imagine a few of your top executives blogging about a recent product launch and the benefits of customers utilising the particular brand? Indeed, the company may have a social media presence, but encouraging employees to project and write about its brand augment and expand awareness exponentially.

Everything you do on social media, you do as a “brand ambassador” for yourself. So take care to create a personal brand that is professional, trustworthy, and respectable. Who knows: your social media activity may just lead you right to your ideal job!

Employees acting as brand ambassadors are essential for extending your brand reach, increase leads and lead quality, and improving social recruiting. Yet, the above points are just scratching the surface of the overall values and benefits to why your company should invest in turning employees into brand ambassadors.

Not every employee has the skills or the desire to “take the next step” and to begin adopting the role of an official ambassador. Many will need to learn how to connect with their demographic in a proactive and yet engaging manner. To put this another way, a basic understanding of marketing and social media skills is often pivotal in determining the ultimate efficacy of any ambassador programme. More experienced co-workers will then be able to teach novices about the importance of metrics such as branding, social media and client engagement.

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Brand Ambassadorship: From CEO To Cleaner

A Brand Ambassador is a hired to represent a brand in a positive light, helping to increase brand awareness and sales. Imagine 10 or 15 of your employees posting on Facebook about your brand and its effectiveness? Encouraging employees to project and write about its brand will greatly augment and expand brand awareness exponentially.Read More»

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